Clip the Kites


The activity is designed to develop and promote fine motor and visual motor skills, as well as to strengthen the finger muscles by manipulating school supplies.

Use different colors construction paper, and draw 4-5 diamonds, about 4×6 inches in size.

Instruct the child to cut out the diamond shapes. If the child has difficulties with cutting, we recommend providing thicker lines to cut on.

Using the crayons, let the child decorate the kites.

Have the child write any number between 1-10 on each kite. If the child is unable to write numbers independently, provide assistance as needed (i.e. write the numbers for him and let him trace them).

Using the paper clips, instruct the child to clip together a chain of paper clips with the corresponding number of paper clips to the number written on the kite.

Once the right number of paper clips are clipped together, have the child match the chain with the corresponding kite.