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Giving children opportunities to move is important for their sensory processing and for motor development. You don’t need fancy equipment or to go to any trampoline park to get some movement into your child’s daily routine. Simply use your hands, your legs, and your body, and engage in some fun movement activities together!
Swipe to get some ideas of movement activities you can do with your child to provide vestibular input.
Sing Row-Row-Row Your Boat while pulling each other’s hands and row back and forth. This activity also provides proprioceptive input.
Turn your child into an airplane. Good for your own core strength too 😜 Put a stuffed animal on your child’s back and give it a ride by moving your legs slowly side to side or by flexing and extending your knees.
Dancing Feet! Face your child, hold his hands, and have her step on your feet. Put on some music and dance together, swaying side to side. If the child is having difficulty with balancing, let her hug you for more support.
Body Flips are my kids favorite! With the child facing you, hold his hands, instruct him to “walk” on your legs, and when his feet reach your waist have him flip his feet through your arms and over his head. Make sure to loosen your grip on his hand slightly during the flip so he can rotate his hands.
Share with us what activities you do with your kids to get them moving!
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