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A Day at the Beach Obstacle Course

This obstacle course helps in providing light proprioceptive input through lifting and carrying and through raising and lowering the body. In addition, the child is working on improving body awareness.

Easter Eggs Match

Easter Eggs are so fun! Bright colors and so many creative ways to use them! In this activity, the child works on bilateral hand use and grading his force when putting the eggs together, and on visual perception as he tries to match the 2 colors as shown on the cards.

The Battle of the Bottles

This activity provides heavy work through lifting and carrying. The child receives proprioceptive input which may help in strengthening the upper body and improve body awareness.

Over the Rainbow

This activity provides proprioceptive input and helps in building upper extremity strength.

Proprioceptive Wall Walking

A quick activity for poprioceptive input through the feet, the ankles, and the knees by simply mimicking walking on a wall.

Matching Color Cups

Work on forearm pronation, supination, and grasp.

Spelling Push Ups

The child will be working on receiving and processing propreoceptive input while laying prone on the therapy ball. This activity also works on trunk control and upper extremities strengthening.

Holiday Gifts

This activity provides the child with proprioceptive input by using a scooter board or animal walk.

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