Skills in a Box

"I can’t thank you enough for our Skills in a Box! My boys are having so much fun with it while strengthening their core, working together and having fun. The box came with such clear instructions and many fun and beneficial activities. We can’t wait to order the next box!!"


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"My daughter has been having so much fun with this box. She wants to use it everyday. I love that there are so many activities in one box and that we can put it away all so neatly."


(verified owner)

Skills in a Box promotes your child's developmental skills and supports academic standards at the convenience of your home.

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Designed by a pediatric occupational therapist for children of all abilities, ages 3+.

The box you’ll receive contains the materials needed and the activity ideas to help develop and promote kids’ developmental skills and support academic standards with playful and engaging activities.

Why Skills in a Box?

What more can we do at home to work on this skill?” is a very common question I heard throughout the years working as a pediatric occupational therapist in private and school-based settings.

Now, in addition to referring parents to OTPlan for activity ideas to do at home, sending a home program, or just verbally sharing activity ideas, I can send a box that includes all the materials and plans needed to promote specific developmental skills and support academic standards.

When creating Skill in a Box, one of my main goals was to help parents and educators understand the importance of looking at the child as a whole. Utilizing a bottom-up approach and the concepts of the Learning Pyramid theory, I designed these boxes so parents can start supporting their children developmental skills in sequential order, strengthening the underlying skills, and building their child’s success, one box at a time.