Skills in a Box

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Skills in a Box is our monthly product full of fun activities delivered to your door.

You can purchase a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription or simply buy individual boxes without a subscription.

The box contains the materials needed and the activity ideas to help develop and promote kids’ developmental skills and support academic standards with playful and engaging activities.

Designed by a pediatric occupational therapist for children of all abilities, ages 3+.

Skills in a Box promotes your child’s developmental skills and supports academic standards at the convenience of your home.

Why Skills in a Box?

What more can we do at home to work on this skill?” is a very common question I heard throughout the years working as a pediatric occupational therapist in private and school-based settings.

Now, in addition to referring parents to OTPlan for activity ideas to do at home, sending a home program, or just verbally sharing activity ideas, I can send a box that includes all the materials and plans needed to promote specific developmental skills and support academic standards.

When creating Skill in a Box, one of my main goals was to help parents and educators understand the importance of looking at the child as a whole. Utilizing a bottom-up approach and the concepts of the Learning Pyramid theory, I designed these boxes so parents can start supporting their children developmental skills in sequential order, strengthening the underlying skills, and building their child’s success, one box at a time.