Skills in a Box

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Mastering Developmental Skills One Box at a Time

Hi! My name is Avital and I’m a pediatric occupational therapist from Orange County, California. I’m a mom of 3 creative and energetic young children, a dog, a cat, and a wife of 1 funny husband.

I’ve worked with children in local school districts for over 10 years and in private practice since 2016. I’ve been supporting children with a variety of diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, developmental delays, sensory integration, and more.

Early on in my practice, I realized the importance of collaborating with the child’s family and caregivers. I believe parents need as much support as their child and providing them with resources has been always one of my priorities.

Why I Developed Skills in a Box?

What more can we do at home to work on this skill?” is a very common question I heard throughout the years working as a pediatric occupational therapist.

Now, in addition to referring parents to my website OTPlan, sending a home program, or just verbally sharing ideas with the parents, I can deliver a box that includes all the materials and plans needed to promote specific skills.

Core Strengthening Box

Skills in a Box is a way to support your child’s developmental skills at the convenience of your home.

When creating Skill in a Box, one of my main goals was to help parents and educators understand the importance of looking at the child as a whole. Utilizing a bottom-up approach and the concepts of the Learning Pyramid theory, I designed these boxes so parents can start supporting their children developmental skills in sequential order, strengthening the underlying skills, and building their child’s success, one box at a time. 

Future Plans

The future monthly subscription option will provide this structure, as children engage initially in activities that develop and strengthen the core muscles.

The following boxes work on the skills that are built upon a strong core and include:

Avital Shuster, Mom of 3, Pediatric OT
  • Bilateral Coordination 
  • Hand Strength 
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Cutting
  • Manual Dexterity and Control 
  • Visual Perception/Tracking
  • Vestibular Processing/Balance and Motion
  • Proprioceptive Processing/Body Awareness 
  • Tactile Processing 
  • Motor Planning
  • Self Help Skills 

As we strive to give all children the opportunity to feel successful, I hope parents and caregivers will enjoy the benefits of using Skills in a Box.


Avital Shuster, MA OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist