Back to School Activity Packet


Practice fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills with our Back to School themed packet.




The packet promotes fine motor, sensory, and handwriting skills.

Fine Motor Activities

Consists of multi-step direction activities designed to develop and promote fine and visual motor skills, motor control skills, hand strengthening, and bilateral coordination. Each craft activity provides a list of materials, skills being addressed, step-by-step directions, and printouts. The worksheets include a maze, line tracing, matching, and other activities that promote visual perception and motor coordination.


A variety of sensorimotor activities that promote motor planning skills and provide sensory input. Each activity lists the materials to be used, skills being addressed, and step-by-step directions. Some of the activities include printouts as well.


Worksheets that provide writing prompts related to our “Back to School” theme. Each writing prompt has a page with single lines or double lines to support legibility.

Product Details:

  • PDF Document
  • Pages: 57
  • Language: English