Skills in a Box – Hand Strength


A child’s hand strength can affect the way they hold their toys, manipulate their utensils, how they write, how they zip up their jackets or tie their shoes, how they climb on the playground structure, and so much more.

Curated box by a pediatric occupational therapist filled with activities to promote hand strength.

The materials are in the box.

The plans are in the box.

The only thing left is to work… actually we should say PLAY on developing and promoting hand strength!

Hand Strength boxes are designed for children ages 3+.

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The Hand Strength box is designed by a pediatric Occupational Therapist to improve the strength of the muscle’s in one’s hand in order to effectively participate in everyday activities.

This skills box is designed to promote hand strength in a playful way.

Your box is delivered with all the materials you need to complete all the activities and ideas for additional activities that can be completed with common everyday household items.

What’s included?

Full-color instructions booklet with step by step directions, images, illustrations, and extra information for caregivers.

All the materials needed for all activities:

  • Tennis Ball
  • Bones
  • Pompoms
  • Color Dice
  • Number Dice
  • White Cardstock
  • Tissue Paper Squares
  • 2 Trigger Style Spray Bottles
  • Wide and Thin Rubber Bands
  • Wine Corks
  • Color Pattern Cards
  • Tongs
  • Container
  • Sand
  • Fossils

Additional information

Weight37 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 4 in