Multi Step Shamrock


This is a fun visual motor craft for St. Patrick’s day. The activity has multiple steps, which works on the child’s motor planning skills, in addition to promoting fine motor and visual motor skills as the child traces, cuts, and glues the different materials. For this activity, it is recommended to use green, yellow, or gold objects (i.e pipe cleaners, tissue paper, green pasta, etc.)

Print and cut the provided picture below of a shamrock (about 7 inch in size). You will use this as your stencil.

Provide the child with a green or white page of construction paper.

Ask the child to trace the shamrock on his paper using the stencil you made.

Instruct the child to cut out the shamrock.

Allow the child to spread some glue over the shamrock he cut. You may use a paint brush or a craft stick if the child avoids sticky materials.

Place the different manipulatives in front of the child inside a shallow container or a paper plate.

Instruct the child to glue the different objects on the shamrock transferring the objects from the container to his paper using the tweezers or the tongs.

The child may also use his fingers to reinforce pincer grasp and in-hand manipulation skills.

You may also have the child crumble pieces of tissue paper into small ball to work on dexterity and strengthening of the small muscles in your child’s hands.