Finger Puppet Mouse


Create a finger puppet mouse while working on visual motor and eye-hand coordination skills using construction paper and glue.

Using the construction paper and pencil, draw a circle onto the paper.

The circle needs to be about 8 inches across, so if you are not comfortable with drawing a circle on your own, you can draw round something like a cup or a bowl. Mark the middle of your circle with a small dot.

Take the scissors and carefully cut around the circle that you have drawn. Then make one cut from the edge of the circle to the middle that you have marked, and then another cut a quarter of the way along so you cut a wedge out of the circle.

Bring one cut side over the other side of the paper, creating a cone shape, the more you overlap the two side, the thinner the cone will be. Stick the sides down firmly with the glue.

Cut the string into 4 very short pieces for the whiskers, and a longer bit for the tail, carefully using the scissors.

Stick the tail onto the base of the cone using the glue, and two whiskers either side of the cone near the top.

Take a colored pen and draw a nose on the very end of the cone. You can choose any color you want but black or pink usually work best.

Stick on the two wiggle eyes on the top of the cone, just above the whiskers.

For the mouses’ ears, take the construction paper and cut out two tiny circles and stick these just behind the eyes.