Beach Cup

Food Craft Beach Cup

This beach cup activity provides the child with a fun chance to build trust with new food items through play and creating.

You can substitute the different ingredients to make your own creation.


Step 1: Squeeze or scoop blue yogurt into a clear cup.

Step 2: Take 2 graham crackers and place them into a ziploc bag. Have the child squeeze, scrunch, and smash the graham crackers into “sand like” pieces.

Step 3: Pour the graham crackers on top of the yogurt.

Step 4: Ask your child to identify characteristics of food item, using their other senses. Provide them with the language to build that connection with the food in their brain.

Is it crunchy?
Is it smooth?
What does it smell like?

Step 5: Top off with an umbrella.

Tip: Cut off the pointed bottom part of the toothpick or assist as needed. Don’t forget the spoon!

Fine Motor Marble Maze

Marble Maze playing

In this activity, we create a marble maze to promote fine motor skills.

Start by gluing the straws on the cardboard. You will need to glue each straw on the opposite side as follows:

  • Glue the 1st straw aligned to the left edge of the cardboard
  • Glue next straw aligned to the right side of the cardboard
  • Keep gluing straws all the way to the bottom of the cardboard
  • Make sure to create a space for the marble to go through between the straws
  • The end result should look like this:
    Marble Maze straws

Let the glue dry.

We used a gallon size zip lock bag but you can use a smaller zip lock bag to create a smaller maze.

At the bottom edge of the zip lock bag, cut a small slit. Make sure you cut it on the side the marble will come out from.

Once the glue is dry and the straws are secured, insert the cardboard into the ziplock bag.

Close the ziplock bag almost all the way, leaving a small opening for the marble to fit in.

Put the marble through the opening and start moving it with your finger through the maze until it comes out at the bottom.

You can alternate the fingers you use to move the marble or you can use both hands to hold the cardboard and move it from side to side, letting the marble slide out.

Tactile Paint

For this activity, use a gallon size Ziplock bag.

Place approximately 1/2 cup of tempera paint in the ziplock bag, remove air and seal. Work the paint around until it filled the bag.

Have child make lines, shapes or letters by moving his finger along outside of the bag.

As an alternative, you can use shaving cream mixed with food coloring instead of the tempera paint.