Cut Me a Slice


This activity promotes the child’s cutting skills, visual motor skills and bilateral use of hands. You can have the child cut different shapes (straight lines, curved lines, circles, or squares) based on the child’s developmental stage and abilities.

This is a fun way to help you child prepare his favorite pizza.

On the paper plate, draw a horizontal line and a vertical line, in such a way that you divide it into 4 equal parts (just like you would slice a pizza pie). Use green, red, yellow and brown construction papers to draw different shapes such as rectangles (for pepper), curved lines( for cheese), circles (for pepperoni), etc.

Ask the child to first cut the plate, following the lines you drew on it. Instruct the child to color each quarter in red (using a crayon, a marker, or a colored pencil). Then, provide the child with the different shapes you drew on the construction papers and ask him to cut these shapes following the lines. Let the child glue the different shapes on the paper plate quarters based on what he would like to have on his pizza.