Cooking French Fries


This activity addresses cutting skills for beginners.

Step 1: Draw straight lines across yellow/orange/brown construction paper. Use markers that draw thicker, darker lines.

Step 2: Fold paper in half, so that the marked lines are visible.

Step 3: Cut along the folded part (down the middle of the page).

Step 4: Cut along the marked lines.

Step 5: Place “french fries” in a container.

Step 6: Add shredded paper for an added effect.

Step 7: Toss with tongs.

Step 8: Enjoy!


  1. Warm-up with hand strengthening activities, such as playing with PlayDoh or slime.
  2. Using appropriate-sized scissors and snipping along thicker paper (such as construction paper or card stock) is a good place to start. Once they have reached that skill, we can progress to more challenging tasks, such as cutting along a 6-inch line.
  3. If needed, assist the child’s hand in stabilizing the paper.
  4. Explore adaptive scissors, as needed.