Build with Me


This activity primarily addresses visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and visual-motor skills. These are foundational skills to writing tasks, and will give you insight on awareness of letter reversals.

Step 1: Fold a construction paper in half and cut out shapes. This ensures that both you and your child have the exact same shapes to work with. To increase the challenge, cut out more shapes or cut out smaller shapes.
Step 2: Provide yourself with one set of shapes, and your child with the other set.
Step 3: Build a house with your set of shapes, then have your child replicate the exact structure with their set of shapes. To increase the challenge, have your child look away while you build your house.

Take note of the spacing between the shapes, the alignment of the shapes, and possible shape reversals and different orientations (i.e. Is the peak of your chimney closer to the left of the table, while your child’s is closer to the right of the table? Are there any shapes that are upside down? Does one house have a diamond and the other have a square for a door?). If there are any major differences, this is a great opportunity to identify them and work together to make corrections, while discussing why and how. Also, take note of how easy or challenging this was for them. Provide assistance, as needed.

Now, to get to building — enjoy!