Ice Cube Handwash


Place toys and water in an ice tray, then freeze.
Inform others that this ice tray is for playing purposes only.


Step 1: Wash hands.

Step 2: Rub ice cubes under warm water.

Step 3: Continue until all toys break free.

Step 4: Dry toys.

Step 5: Dry hands.

Step 6: (If using letter beads, spell words). Sanitize toys safely & appropriately.

Step 7: Wash hands.

Step 8: Dry hands.


Choking hazard. Supervise and assist as needed, as safety comes first. Use a strainer to avoid toys falling into the drain.

We hope this encourages more enjoyable time spent at the sink & boosts the motivation for those self-care skills!

Therapy Mat Sensory Burrito


For this activity, you can use a blanket or a yoga mat that is flexible enough to fold and roll the child inside it.

Ask the child to lay on the blanket, leaving their head out of the blanket/mat boundaries, and roll them inside to provide both proprioceptive and vestibular input.

To make the activity engaging and playful, pretend the child is a burrito or a hot dog, and roll them in and out every time you put another “ingredient” into your warp/bun.


Do this activity in a group, and ask the kids to wrap each other like a burrito/hot dog. This will provide the child that is rolling with proprioception input as well.

Fingerprint Turkey

For this activity, you will need washable tempera paint or finger paint in 4 colors (e.g. yellow, red, pink, and brown).

Ask the child to dip the tip of the thumb into the brown color and press the thumb onto the paper twice. Thumbprints should be one next to the other. This will be the body of the turkey.

Ask the child to dip the tip of the index finger into the pink color and add a row of pink fingerprints above the brown ones. This will be the feathers.

Ask the child to add more rows of fingerprints (feathers) in yellow and red colors.

Glue the wiggle eyes to the brown turkey body. Add feet using the markers or crayons.

Fall Crunchy Art

Gather dry leaves.

Use both hands to crunch the dry leaves into smaller pieces. This helps promote bilateral hand use, tactile perception, and auditory input.

On a piece of construction paper, use glue to create a shape or drawing. We choose the heart shape but you can use a smiley face, a house shape, letters, numbers, etc. Working on grading the force on the glue bottle addresses the proprioceptive system.

Transfer the crunched dry leaves pieces onto the construction paper covering the wet glue shape.

Let dry for a few minutes and shake off the leaves that remained unglued.

Use markers to decorate.