Matching Mittens


This winter themed activity can be done all year long. It promotes the child’s visual perceptual skills as the child is looking for matching mittens, and fine motor skills as the child manipulates the clothespins. If you let the child cut the mittens and decorate them as well, you also work on visual motor skills.

On colorful construction paper or paper with different designs (e.g. scrapbooking paper), draw 8-10 pairs of mittens. You can also let the child trace the shape a few times.

Cut, or allow the child to cut the pairs.

If using blank color construction paper (i.e. with no design), draw different designs on each pair (a pair with straight lines, a pair with circles, a pair with wiggly lines, etc.). You can also write letters or numbers on the different pairs.

Once the mittens are ready, place them on the table and mix them.

Provide the child with clothespins.

Ask the child to find matching mittens and clip them together using the clothespins