Ice Cube Handwash


This activity promotes tactile tolerance of wet textures through prolonged interaction with water and ice in order to encourage thoroughness of and enjoyment in hand hygiene.


Place toys and water in an ice tray, then freeze.
Inform others that this ice tray is for playing purposes only.


Step 1: Wash hands.

Step 2: Rub ice cubes under warm water.

Step 3: Continue until all toys break free.

Step 4: Dry toys.

Step 5: Dry hands.

Step 6: (If using letter beads, spell words). Sanitize toys safely & appropriately.

Step 7: Wash hands.

Step 8: Dry hands.


Choking hazard. Supervise and assist as needed, as safety comes first. Use a strainer to avoid toys falling into the drain.

We hope this encourages more enjoyable time spent at the sink & boosts the motivation for those self-care skills!