Paper Chain

Colorful Paper Chain

Draw 5-6 straight lines on different color sheets of construction paper.

Let the child cut along the lines to create long construction paper strips.

Glue the construction paper strips together the ends to create a circle.

Connect the circles together and make chains.

Busy Bee

Use an A4 (standard size) yellow construction paper and ask the child to fold the paper in the middle lengthwise.

Using child scissors, ask the child to cut the folded construction paper along the fold middle line creating 2 long yellow rectangles.

Demonstrate to the child using one yellow rectangle how to roll it into a cylinder shape. Staple the edges.

Ask the child to do the same using the other yellow rectangle he cut.

If needed, assist the child using the stapler to staple the edges.

Staple both yellow cylinders together.

Use black construction paper and ask the child to cut five 1/2 inch by 4-inch stripes. Glue three stripes to the bee’s body and use the other two stripes for the antennas.

Using white tissue paper or a paper towel, make a bow shape out of 3 inches by 6-inch rectangle. Glue or staple the blow to form the wings.

Use the markers or pom poms for the bee’s eyes and mouth.