Secret Message

Challenge your child’s core muscles by having them maintain a tabletop positioning (on their hands and knees).

Place a hand towel under their hands (or have them hold onto it), then have the child write out letters and words with their arm movements.

Guess their message by watching what they spell out with their towel.

Increase the challenge by:

  • Using their non-dominant hand.
  • Using their feet.

Squeeze this Puffy Paint

Puffy Painting

For this activity, you will need to use flour, salt, and water to add to the puffy paint.

In a mixing bowl mix an equal amount of flour, salt, and water.

Add the paint and mix well.

Fill the squeeze bottle with the paint mixture and let the child squeeze the puffy paint onto cardboard to create a picture.

When dry, the paint becomes hard and shiny.

To work on visual motor skills you can have the child imitate or copy different strokes, shapes or letters.

Busy Bee

Use an A4 (standard size) yellow construction paper and ask the child to fold the paper in the middle lengthwise.

Using child scissors, ask the child to cut the folded construction paper along the fold middle line creating 2 long yellow rectangles.

Demonstrate to the child using one yellow rectangle how to roll it into a cylinder shape. Staple the edges.

Ask the child to do the same using the other yellow rectangle he cut.

If needed, assist the child using the stapler to staple the edges.

Staple both yellow cylinders together.

Use black construction paper and ask the child to cut five 1/2 inch by 4-inch stripes. Glue three stripes to the bee’s body and use the other two stripes for the antennas.

Using white tissue paper or a paper towel, make a bow shape out of 3 inches by 6-inch rectangle. Glue or staple the blow to form the wings.

Use the markers or pom poms for the bee’s eyes and mouth.