Ideas for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Below are a few activities you might find helpful to promote functional grasp patterns:

  • Squirt bottles can be used to promote the pincer grasp (pincer grasp activity ideas)
  • Bead stringing/lacing with the tip of the finger against thumb
  • Practice screw and unscrew lids
  • Activity ideas using bubble wrap to promote pincer grasp
  • Play dough can be used to promote the pincer grasp.
  • Tear pieces of construction paper into small pieces and paste the different colors of paper on a simple picture from a coloring book, or make your own design.
  • Use tongs/tweezers to pick up blocks/small objects.
  • Pennies into a piggy bank or slot cut in a plastic lid. Coins can also be put into slots cut in foam.
  • Working on a vertical surface, especially above eye level. Activities can be mounted on a clipboard or tapes to surface or chalkboard/easel. Examples: pegboards, Lite Brite, Etch-a-sketch( upside down), Magna Doodle, outlining, coloring, painting, writing.
  • Clothespins/pinching. Put letters on clothespins and spell words by clipping on edge of a shoe box. Use a clothespin to do finger “push-ups” by using the pads of the thumb and index finger to open a clothespin and count repetitions.