Proprioceptive Wall Walking


A quick activity for poprioceptive input through the feet, the ankles, and the knees by simply mimicking walking on a wall.

Materials: Ball

This quick and simple activity provides proprioceptive input through the feet, ankles, and knees.

Clear space on the wall and the floor in front of the wall.

Ask the child to remove his shoes and lie down on his back.

Position the child with his feet flat against the wall while holding the child’s knees bent in a 90-degree position.

Ask the child to walk his feet up and down the wall.

You can also ask the child to push the wall with his feet or place a foam ball under the child’s feet and push the ball against the wall or into the wall.

Remind the child to take breaks between pushing.

Grading Option

Ask the child to roll a ball with both feet while walking up and down the wall.