Over the Rainbow

Using different colors of construction paper cut a crescent shape from each color.

Place the pieces at one end of the room.

Ask the child to be in the prone position – position of the body is lying face down on the scooter board.

Ask the child to pick up one piece at a time and pull himself forward to the other end of the room.

Then have the child go back while he is sitting on the scooter board to pick up another piece.

Repeat the activity until the child transferred all the pieces and created a picture of a rainbow.

You can also use a rainbow puzzle for this activity.

The child can also use a rope tied to a pole/table to pull himself forward.

Spelling Push Ups

Use the construction paper, the pen and the scissors to cut out letters of the alpha-bet. You will need more than 1 of each letter. You can also use pre-cut letters.

Spread the letters on the floor or a mat in a random order. Help the child lay prone on the therapy ball. The child should be able to touch the floor. Instruct the child to use his hands and reach out to grab one letter at a time, then to walk back and place the letter in front of them. After the child gets all the letters he needed, he can spell the word.

You can also use magnetic letters and a magnetic board, or use math equations where the child has to walk out and grab the correct answer.

Airplane Catch

Have the child lie prone 5 feet away from you (distance varies depending on the child’s abilities and age).

Ask the child to extend his neck, shoulders, and arms about 5-10 inches above the ground. In addition, ask the child to place his feet together and raise his legs (below the knees) in a similar fashion.

The therapist/parent should lie in front of the child in a similar position. With your elbows flexed, push the ball toward the child and ask him to catch it and throw it back towards you.

This activity can be done as a group activity with more than 2 kids.