Snowflake Sisters

This activity was inspired by our kiddo’s favorite movie involving a strong sisterly bond, a talking snowman, and the journey to discovering their strengths. 

Blue Snowflake
Step 1: Fold construction paper in half.
Step 2: Fold it in half, again.
Step 3: Cut small snips off the corners & edges of your folded paper.
Step 4: Unfold & enjoy your magical snowflake!
Step 5: Try a new cutting & folding pattern to see which you like best.

Purple Snowflake
Step 1: Outline the shape of a snowflake with a marker.
Step 2: Trace the outline with glue from a glue bottle.
Step 3: Sprinkle salt on the glue & discard the extra salt that landed elsewhere on the paper.
Step 4: Let dry.
Step 5: Use watercolor paint to dab the salted lines & watch the magic travel through the snowflake!


Can You Feel It

Fill up a large container or a bucket with beans, rice, macaroni, sand, or birdseeds (you can mix a few media together if you wish to).

Let the child put his/her hands in the container and pour, sift or move the media from side to side.

When using bird seeds it is recommended to powder the child’s hands with some baby powder to keep the birdseeds from sticking to the palms of the hands.

Mixing small plastic shapes, plastic letters and numbers, small plastic animals and any other educationally related items in the media can be a fun way for the child to develop his/her stereognosis sense.

Drawing in the Sand

In a container full of sand or in the sandbox, have the child imitate you drawing shapes using a straw or large stick.

Let him/her try holding the stick in either or both hands.

Fish Bowl

Download and print the fish bowl and fish templates.

For this activity use green yarn or tissue paper.

Ask the child to color the images.

Instruct the child to cut out the fish bowl and fish images.

If child has difficulties cutting, provide thicker lines/boundaries. For the fish image, you can outline the picture/draw a circle or a square around to grade down.

Glue the fish bowl on a piece of construction paper.

Use the sand and instruct the child to glue it at the bottom of the bowl.

Have the child glue the fish into the bowl. Using the string of yarn of pieces of tissue paper, create the seaweed and glue into bowl.

Tactile Container

Fill up the plastic container with beans, rice, or sand.

Add coins or beads to the container and mix with the selected container contents.

Ask the child to use his hands and pull out the different objects you hid inside the container.

To grade this activity, you can hide a variety of items in the container and ask the child to sort the items and put them in separate smaller containers.