Shape and Grasp

Draw a simple shape (e.g. house, boat, tree) using the markers on the paper.

Ask the child to lay prone on the floor resting on his elbows.

Ask the child to use the tweezers to pick up the beads or pom-poms and place them on the shape you drew on the paper.

Tic Tac Write

Make a tic-tac-toe board using the markers, crayons, or pen.

Let the child choose a letter (focus on the letters that are difficult for the child to form).

Play the tic-tac-toe game, taking turns, writing the letters the child chose and making sure the child forms the letters correctly and places them inside the lines you drew.

For grading, make the tic-tac-toe board boxes in smaller or bigger size.

Finger Twister

Use scissors, markers and paper to create a miniature “twister” board (3-4 rows of 3 colored dots).

Instruct the child on which finger to put on which colors (ex: pointer finger on blue dot, pinkie finger on green dot).

Having child make their own board to take home can address cutting, coloring and visual motor skills.

You can modify the activity for grading to incorporate many other skills you are working on (ex: have child draw different shapes instead of just colored circles, or use letters instead of circles)

Fall Trees

Hand Flower

On a piece of construction paper, either draw a picture of a tree trunk and branches or have the child draw one for you.

Then give them a paper plate with 3 small dots of different colors of paint.

Ask them to dip one finger at a time into the paint and “dot” onto the trees to make the leaves.

For a fall tree, dot some paint at the bottom as well or along the sides as if the leaves are falling.