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💡Therapy Idea Thursday💡The holidays season is here! I love to incorporate a theme into our sessions, so today the kiddos were “Santa delivering presents on the sleigh “ 🎅🏻🛷🎁 while working on...
🤩motor planning (climbing on the rock wall to retrieve the beanbags/presents)
🤩eye-hand coordination (throwing the beanbags into a Target)
🤩balance and postural control (while swinging on the bolster swing)
And getting...
🤩vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile input (swinging in prone under the Lycra)
One of these cute Ball Popper will be our gift 🎁 for your child in their Hand Strengthening Box!
Our Hand Strengthening Box is filled with fun and playful activities, and all the materials needed, to help develop and promote your child’s fine motor skills!
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💡Tip Tuesday💡
Looking for some ways to support the development and functionality of your child’s vestibular sense?
Our Tip(s):
💡Make time daily (!) for movement activities such as swinging, jumping, sliding, rolling, etc.
💡Encourage your child to actively propel him/herself on the swing, rather than pushing him/her passively.
💡Engage your child in activities that require balance, such as walking on the curb, riding a bike, kicking a ball, etc.
💡 Include activities that require bilateral integration and coordination of both sides of the body, such as rope jumping, windmill exercise, rowing, etc.
💡Play target games, throwing and catching a ball, playing tennis, etc. to promote the coordination and movement of the head, hands, and eyes.
💡Looking for more ideas to support your child’s sensorimotor development 👉🏼order our boxes today, and we will ship you a box filled with materials and playful games to enhance your child’s skills!
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✨A little reminder before the holidays, for all of us with sensory sensitive kiddos!✨
**Pick the Toothpick**
This activity promotes tripod grasp by allowing the child to push toothpicks into a styrofoam.
Eye-Hand Coordination, Hand Arches/Separation, Tripod Grasp, Visual Motor, Wrist Extension
Styrofoam, Toothpicks, Paper, Markers/Crayons
1. Put a piece of styrofoam sheet or block on the floor or on a slanted surface and have the child push the toothpicks into the styrofoam.
2. If the styrofoam is on the floor have the child lay prone and weight bear on the elbows.
3. Give the child a shape, a letter, or a pattern to trace over in order to develop visual-motor skills.
Looking for more activity ideas and games to strengthen your child’s hand muscles? Our Hand Strengthening Box is now available for pre-order, and has the materials you need and step-by-step plans to support the development of this important skill!
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What Is At The Base of Developmental Skills?
It all begins in utero with the development of our Central Nervous System (CNS). The Central
Nervous System continues to develop for many years after birth with new connections that are
made throughout childhood and into young adulthood.
The development of the CNS is
influenced greatly by sensory experiences in early childhood.
Children learn through movement, play, and physically exploring their environment. Once they
engage in physical activities, they receive input through their sensory systems; visual, auditory,
taste, smell, tactile, vestibular, and proprioception, which are the foundation for sensorimotor
In other words, adequate processing and integrating of sensory input greatly contributes to the development of more complex skills.
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