Construction Paper Guitar


Make your own cardboard guitar with rubber band strings to work on finger strength and fine motor control.


CardboardGlueHole PuncherMarkersMasking Tape PenPencilRubber BandScissorsString


Bilateral Hand Use (?)CuttingEye-Hand CoordinationFine Motor ControlFinger StrengthMotor Planning, and Pincer Grasp


Using a large piece of cardboard or construction paper, draw the shape of the guitar’s body. If the child is able to 

Construction Paper Guitar OT activity

draw it by himself, allow him to do so. Otherwise, let the child trace your drawing, using a thick marker.
Ask the child to cut out the shape, following the lines. Depending on the child’s skill level,

make the line thicker, and provide support as needed. Once the child cuts out the guitar’s shape out, ask him to draw or trace a circle in the middle of the guitar’s body. You can use a round object to help with drawing an accurate shape.

Instruct the child to cut out the circle, providing support as needed. Construction Paper Guitar OT activity
Using a single hole puncher, carefully have the child punch three holes on either side of the circle he just cut. Using 3 rubber bands, ask the child to cut through them so they are now one long string.
Instruct the child to thread each rubber band across 2 parallel holes, and tie on each end. Provide support as needed for tying the rubbers in place.

Using another piece of cardboard or construction paper, ask the Construction Paper Guitar OT activitychild to draw or trace a rectangle. Instruct the child to cut it out, and use the glue and tape to attach it to the top part of the guitar’s body. To make the guitar look more life like, ask the child to draw lines continuing from the bands up the stem of the guitar.